Read with Delight, Learn with Ease

Enjoy the pleasure of immersive reading while effortlessly creating flashcards for language learning

Expand Your Horizons with Every Page

Intuitive Language Learning

Immerse yourself in literature and let Lexic be your guide. With seamless translation and flashcard creation, learning new words is as simple as a tap on the screen.

Deepen Understanding

Dive deeper into the nuances of language with Lexic. Get grammar explanations, synonyms, and contextual examples that enrich your reading and learning experience.

Sync Across Devices

Continue your linguistic journey on all devices. With Lexic, your progress is always in sync, whether you're on your phone or switching to your laptop.

Master Every Word with GPT-4

Unveil the nuances of language with Lexic's AI-powered explanations. Dive into meanings, grammatical insights, and usage examples to turn every new word and sentence into a learning opportunity.

Learn while browsing

Lexic transforms reading news, articles, and any online content into a powerful learning tool

Learning in Context

Easily create flashcards while reading any ebook or website

Instant Flashcard Creation on mobile

Immerse in your latest read on your tablet and create flashcards instantly with Lexic. Tap any word to add it to your deck, enriching your learning as you read.

Easy Text Capture on desktop

With Lexic on MacOS and Windows, right-click to transform selected text into a flashcard. Continue your learning journey effortlessly from web to memory.

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